Selmer Super Balanced Action

Tenor Saxophone

Serial Number 34704

$10500 OBO

Selmer Vanguard Tri-Pack Case. 

Clarinet insert included. - Flute tray built in underneath.

Amazing Shape

Matching Serial Number on neck

This is one of the couple major spots of lacquer wear

This is another spot of lacquer wear.

No Lacquer remains inside the bell

A Better view of the lacquer wear on the bow.

The bow is dent free.

At the high E Post it appears somebody may of spot lacquered just a little spot after reattaching the post.

The Spot of lacquer wear under the LH Pinky

Table is not from a repaired dent. 

At the 1st sign of wear at the thumb rest, to keep metal from wearing, the owner placed mouthpiece patches where his thumb rested.

1 Key guard foot has been re soldered.

The upper stack is offset from the lower stack

Yes the owner (horn has only had 2 owners) is a retired

West Point Band Musician.

Yup, the original neck plug

No matter how many pictures I take - The flash always leaves a line that makes it appear that it has crease.  THERE IS NO CREASE OR PULL DOWN.  If somebody wishes, and can tell me how to get this picture without the light in the room or the flash reflecting - please let me know.

Might be from the tube florescent light above.